By Rep. Julie Johnson
Texas House of Representatives, House District 115

“It’s vitally important that we all participate in local elections and that’s why I’m endorsing Sem Habtemariam for Carrollton City Council – Place 1.

In this race, Carolltonians have the opportunity to choose a council member who shows up and works hard to serve his neighbors. Sem Habtemariam is the best choice for knowledgable, involved and transparent leadership on your city council. His experience in business and human rights advcacy and his commitment to serve with integrity makes Sem the candidate that families can trust. Our cities are facing the end of COVID relief funds and important decisions will have to be made about city services and future investment. You want Sem to be the one asking questions on behalf of your community.

Strong, well-informed local leadership is critical to helping me make the best decisions in Austin on behalf of voters in HD 115. Our offices must be able to collaborate and it’s important to elect public servants who work well with city staff. I know I can count on Sem to keep me informed about what is best for his voters. To keep Carrollton moving forward, vote for Sem Habtemariam on May 7th. Early voting is April 25th – May 3rd.”

By Adam Polter
Carrollton City Councilmember, Place 2

Sem Habtemariam, unquestionably, is the RIGHT CHOICE for Carrollton! I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Sem longer than most, and I’ve personally witnessed the passion, curiosity, and intellect that would help our City Council to make even better, more informed decisions. Sem also distinguished himself by staying engaged after losing his first bid for this seat just one year ago. Not only did Sem show incredible grace in defeat, but he also opted to invest more of himself by staying engaged in our community. Sem has been present at many of our Council meetings and City events, including last summer and fall, well before it was announced that this Council seat would be available. Sem has also volunteered multiple times at Metrocrest Services, an organization that is near and dear to my heart. Carrollton, we deserve and need a councilmember that is in it for Carrollton, and that has shown this through their actions and deeds. Sem Habtemariam is that candidate, and I whole-heartedly endorse Sem Habtemariam to be the next Carrollton City Councilmember for Place 1.

By Shani Barrax Moore
Former Candidate For Carrollton City Council, Place 5

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Sem last year when I ran for Carrollton City Council, Place 5. What impresses me most about Sem is his willingness to be “boots on the ground,” an engaged, informed and empathetic leader. Sem cares deeply about our community, and believes as I do that diversity and its’ representation matters, inclusion builds community, and equity ensures that all Carrollton residents have the same quality of life. His tenacity is evident in his willingness to run again, after a hard-fought campaign last year. I hope this time the City of Carrollton will give him the opportunity to apply his servant leadership to our community.

By Becky Miller
Former Mayor of the City of Carrollton

I got to know Sem when he ran for council a year ago. I learned that he is an amazing man and has been through so much in life. He has not gone away after he did not get elected, but continued to attend events and learn more about our city. Sem will also bring diversity to our City Council. I am endorsing Sem for City Council.

By Candace Valenzuela
Former CFBISD Board Trustee and Former Candidate for Congress

I’m endorsing Sem Habtemariam for Carrollton City Council because his story is an exemplary American story: A refugee from Eritrea, he grew up in Sudan. In 1989, Sean came to the United States to forge a new life. As a college professor, he’s sought to use his specialized knowledge in politics to educate others. As a father of four, he models civic engagement for his children by volunteering his time helping the community. He’ll make a great public servant for the city of Carrollton.

By Suzanna Dooling

I hope everyone gets to know Sem Habtemariam as I have done the last year and a half. He is truly a remarkable person and a genuine public servant. Here’s a pic of his invite and of him with his wife and 2 younger children. When you see him around, you should stop to meet him!

Meet you at the kick-off!

By Jeff 

Sem and his family became our neighbor twenty-two years ago. In that time, our kids grew up together and our trees grew tall and strong. Sem would always come over when Jeff was working in the yard to talk about family, jobs, and some politics. It became clear during those talks that Sem loves this community and it’s people. When he talks about serving others he glows with pride and enthusiasm. We heartily endorse Sem for Place 1 on the Carrollton City Council.


By Samuel Bizen

I have known Sem Habtemariam since the early 2000s when I was in South Africa. He was one of the earliest Eritreans in America who spoke against tyranny and advocated for the rule of law, democracy, and human rights in Eritrea. It was his commitment to democracy and justice that brought the two of us together and it did not take us long to become friends. Although it was a long-distance friendship, his openness, honesty, and courage to speak the truth drew me to him. When he finally came to South Africa for a conference, we finally met in person, and I was pleased to find out that he was the same person I knew over the phone.  What you see is what you get with Sem Habtemariam.

When I came to the US and got married, Sem and his wife Yodi, came all the way from Texas to attend our wedding in Washington DC. He is a good and loyal friend.

We have never stopped talking about books and the issues that matter to us. His passion and commitment for public service is only matched by is his love of ideas. He is an avid reader who averages about 1-2 books a week. He is somebody who can work with anyone and never fails to see the goodness in everyone. I have no doubt that Sem Habtemariam would serve the city of Carrollton, Texas, with distinction and unrivaled integrity.  But more importantly, Sem is paving the way for our Eritrean-American community and he deserves our help.

I urge my fellow Eritrean Americans and Eritreans in the US to support his campaign. His victory will be our victory. The easiest and most effective way to help him is to donate to his campaign a small amount of money. No amount is too small. A donation of $5, $10, $25, $50…would take him a long way but all of us must do it.

To donate one must be either a US citizen or permanent resident. Please go to his website and click on the DONATE button and make your small contribution.

And follow him on social media and promote his campaign.

Samuel Bizen

By Dlet Habtemariam

I was born and raised in Carrollton and know first-hand that we have a great city. I am very appreciative of all the men and women who answered the call of duty to serve in our city council and the many civilian boards. It takes great men and women to serve and I can’t think of a better peron to serve in our city council than Sem Habtemariam. I know because he is my dad. Please vote for Sem Habtemariam!


By Sammy Isaiah Rana

Sem and I were opponents in the last election. Since then we have formed a friendship, and I respect this man’s sincere desire to serve our beloved city. The coming together of different perspectives and views for the greater good of our community is the formula for success. As I have said time and time again together we can accomplish anything! Sem is extremely good at stimulating community involvement, especially with residents who do not realize the power they possess. I support his plans for growing our tax base and the revitalization of Carrollton. #VoteSemForPlace1

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